8 Ways To Slash Your Event Insurance Quote By Up To 37% (plus a surprise at the end!)

Event Insurers want your money…period. They will try to put your event risk level as high as possible to get the maximum they can out of your budget. So here are 6 ways to avoid that and keep your budget intact. Event insurance tips Do Your Homework By that, I mean doing an event-specific risk…

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7 Common Event Insurance Myths

What insurance companies are really selling I remember way back when there used to be insurance salesmen that would go door to door selling a whole bunch of different insurances. And they did sell on the promise of protecting you against storm, theft or accidents. But does insurance protect you against anything? Yes and no.…

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Event Risk Assessment Made Easy Part 4

What we’ve covered so far… Now in this last part we’ll put it all together.  In part 1 we talked about what risk assessments are and how they can make your life easier by keeping your event safe and you out of jail.  In part 2 we looked at how risk is reduced using the…

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This Template Will Keep You Out Of Jail

A half Built Tent gets blown away in a storm

A lot of event managers and suppliers don’t know what a Certificate of Completion should really look like. It’s definitely not a signed copy of the delivery note. Let’s look at what it is and why you need it The Certificate of Completion A Certificate of Completion is a document which the supplier of a…

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Event Risk Assessment Made Easy Part 3

The Risk Matrix Every risk assessment needs a risk matrix. If I get a risk assessment that I need to evaluate, then I need to know what the author of the risk assessment has based his or her risk levels on. Their level 3 may be defined differently than my level 3, so I need…

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