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Use Weapons of Influence to increase sales by 30% in your venue or company

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According to Dr. Robert B. Chialdini Professor of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, there are 6 ways to Influence people. These universal principles govern how people make decisions. Like dynamite they can be used for good and for evil. Why Weapons of Influence work Because we are inundated with information today and we have to decide very quickly, we look for the fastest way to reach a decision. This leads to an automatic response according to what information we have at the moment. We don‘t take the time to look at the...

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10 Tips on Designing Conference Centers

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Conference Centers are designed by architects. Architects are chosen because of the iconic designs they have produced and rightly so. That the building looks fantastic is one of the most important factors for its owner. Problems arise when the every day to day business needs are not factored into the design. So here are my 10 most important tips for architects and their conference center clients.   Logistics: Ask yourself what makes the cash register ring. It‘s all about getting the most use out of the building. This means events have to...

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The Caterer and the Event Planner

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We know how important Caterers are right? I could rant all day long about what I think they do wrong but… Event Planners cannot live without them so they might as well join them and see to it that the Caterer is every bit as successful as they can be. So what are the most important things a Caterer needs from the Event Planner? Here are a few suggestions.   The exact and timely information on how many people are to be catered to. This isn‘t just the amount of attendees! There are always other groups of people like the crew or...

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Keep Your Exhibition and Conference Space Clean, Please!

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I visited a trade show the other day and frankly I was amazed at how the floorspace looked. In front it was all razzly dazzly. The exhibitors took great care in keeping their exhibition space absolutely immaculate. Then I had to go to the mens room. The entrance was hidden behind a partition. It was quite hard to find. But then I went through the space provided in the partition and what was I confronted with? A large empty space filled with garbage, building materials and workers taking their break. I had time to take in the scene as it was...

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Ahh, Event Service Providers

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Event Service Providers are always too expensive right? They always try to sell you things you don’t need right? Wrong! Event Service Providers have changed. They do understand what their customer wants and they have learned, that having a longterm relationship is more important than the short sell. There is still room for improvement though! And the customers have it in their hands to make the improvements happen. How? Here are just a few ideas. 1. Hey you big companies out there. Stop letting your bean counters  negotiate the price...

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Get the Most out of a Meeting Room

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Want to keep your audience leaning forward in their seats riveted to your speech? Then select the right venue! Staging your own event in a venue that lets your audience keep focused on what you have got to say is crucial to your goal.It pays to watch out for the things that ordinarily go unnoticed and what some salespeople would try and hide from you when you are looking at their venue. Here are my top ten:(#5 is my favorite) Nothing will be more distracting than loud or creaky AC ventilation. Have the AC turned on within the area and listen...

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Awesome Voice

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10 Tips on How Your Voice Sounds Awesome When Using a Microphone (#7 is my favorite) Always speak straight into the front of the microphone. Not from the side, not above or beneath. If you don‘t, you will loose sound quality and almost always hear that awful howling sound called feedback. A microphone must be close to your lips when you speak. At most 2 centimeters for a hand held microphone. This is crucial to reduce the potential of feedback. Getting close to the microphone will make your voice sound deeper. DJ‘s use this effect to get a...

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How to Stage Events at AirportsEvents an Flughäfen

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Download this whitepaper to find out how to increase non-aviation-revenue by staging events at airports.Events at Airports Laden Sie das Whitepaper runter um zu erfahren wie Sie Ihr Non-Aviation Einnahmen erhöhen können (Papier ist in English) Events at...

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Langjährige Erfahrung sowohl beim Bau als auch beim Betrieb von Versammlungsstätten machen eine kompetente Beratung durch EVENTKNOWHOW möglich. Folgende Beratungsdienstleistungen werden angeboten: Begleitung des Bauherren und Betreibers während der Planungs-und Bauphase einer Versammlungsstätte Beratung zum Betrieb einer Versammlungsstätte Begutachtung von und Stellungnahmen zu Ausstellungs-und Bestuhlungsplänen Beratungen zum effizienten Einsatz von Veranstaltungstechnik...

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Bessere Veranstaltungslocations = bessere Events

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Architekten erfahren in diesem eintägigen Seminar, wie Veranstaltungslocations im Betrieb funktionieren und wirtschaftlich betrieben werden. Diese Erkenntnisse nutzen Sie gewinnbringend bei der Erstellung ihrer Entwürfe und Pläne. Somit erreichen Sie für den Bauherrn und Betreiber das optimale Ergebnis. In dem Seminar werden wir gemeinsam erarbeiten, wie das Besuchererlebnis optimal gestaltet wird, welche Bedürfnisse der Veranstalter hat, welche Kriterien für einen wirtschaftlichen Betrieb erfüllt sein müssen und welche technischen...

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