Why Your Client Has to Pull Out His Credit Card

Events at Airports

Have you ever had the situation where you had to persuade your client to pull out his credit card to book a larger meeting room or rent the larger video projector? It’s always a hassle to try to convince the client to do that.  What could be your best argument to persuade them to spend…

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What do sports events have to do with conferences?

You know how to get exhibitors to sponsor your conference. But do you give them enough „airtime“ to let them showcase themselves using visual aids? Here are a few ways to give your sponsors eyeballs during the conference. You probably have a few speakers lined up that are showing powerpoint or other presentations on a…

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What do peas in a pod have to do with your success?

Find out what makes you successful as an event planner.

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Find Out If You Are Good At Multitasking

Multitasking Event Planners

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