What Are Your “Broken Windows“?

Back in 1994 Mayor Rudi Guiliani of New York City implemented the theory of fixing „broken windows“ The theory says that if you don‘t fix a broken window in a building, many more will follow, graffiti will be sprayed and squatters will inhabit the building. In an event venue, „broken windows“ can be anything like worn out carpeting, misplaced furniture and non-functioning lights. All these are noticed not only by your clients but also by your personnel, which is even worse. Why? Because that is when your personnel starts to care less which then leads to more „broken windows“. 

Recently I went to a conference on energy saving buildings. The temperature in the ballroom was around 18 degrees celsius. After giving my opinion that it is too cold in this room many attendees cheered. Do you think anything was done about it. No. Nothing. There were plenty hotel personnel around, but nothing happened. Another example is an outdoor nightclub my wife and I went to. It was a wonderful setting and a great atmosphere. They had a DJ who was placed on a nicely lit stage. But what did we see right beside his stage? Umbrellas! The personnel had „stored“ the umbrellas that would be used during the day right next to the stage!

What can you do against „broken windows“?

  1. Train your staff to see these „broken windows“ and fix them or have them fixed immediately. This means simple things like picking up a candy wrapper when you see one. This must be done by all employees, starting at the very top!
  2. Take your clients complaints or „hints“ seriously and let them know you did. Otherwise they will not return and even if they do, they are also prone to the „broken window“ theory. They will just say, „oh that‘s just how this place is“
  3. Get someone in from the „outside“ meaning an expert that sees your venue with fresh and knowledgeable eyes to show you the „broken windows“ you already have.

I can assure you, that you have „broken windows“. Every event venue has them. It‘s how fast you fix them that makes all the difference in the world. Let me know how you liked the post by commenting below.

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