The Event Safety Book

the-event-safety-book-coverI’m really excited to show you what’s in The Event Safety Book. I wrote it with the event planner, producer and anyone else concerned with event safety in mind.

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  2. Which topic interests you the most.

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Table of Contents

Short Introduction 2
Table Of Contents 4
Why a book on safety at events? 7
Legislation…or the lack thereof 7
Six more reasons why I wrote this book. 9
Finding the best solutions to hazardous situations 11
Part 1
Event Safety Planning 15
Crowd Safety Planning 16
Capacity Charts and Floor Plans 16
Getting your dimensions off a floor plan 18
Crowd Capacity 19
Calculating Venue Capacity 22
Monitoring Crowd Density 26
Monitoring Crowd Behavior 27
Estimating Crowd Size 27
Finding A Competent Security Provider 28
Placement And Amount Of Security Personnel 29
Signage and Signals To Guide Audiences 30
Visual Signage 31
Visibility of signage 34
Acoustic Signals 35
Venue Safety Requirements 36
Safety Critical Components in a Venue 37
Exit/Egress route Requirements 38
Fire Fighting Equipment 40
Smoke Extracting Equipment 41
Evacuation Systems 42
Smoke Detection Systems 43
Emergency Lighting 44
Emergency Power Supplies 45
Safety Documentation 46
Why is documentation important? 46
Keeping Out of Jail 47
Personal Documentation Of Safety Critical Decisions 48
Form Of Personal Documentation 49
Necessary Event Safety Documents 50
Event Safety Documents 51
Evaluating Risk Assessments 52
Evaluating Safe Work Method Statements 54
Event Safety Management Plan 55
Structure Of Your ESMP 56
Pre-Qualifying Your Suppliers 57
Selling Safety To Your Clients 59
Part 2
Safety During Build and De-rig 61
Build and De-rig Phase 62
Supplier Coordination 62
Working At Height 63
Slips, Trips and Falls 64
Fire Hazards 65
Pyrotechnics 66
Electrical Shock 67
Electrical Fire 68
Ceiling Loading Structural Hazards 69
Floor Loading Structural Hazards 70
Wind Hazards 71
Safety On Site 72
First Aid 72
Safety Inductions 74
Toolbox Talks 75
Monitoring Safety On Site During The Build 76
Inspections Upon Completion Of The Build 77
Safety Drills 78
Part 3
Safety During Your Event 80
Informing The Crowd 81
Handling A Minor Incident 82
Handling A Major Incident 83
Stage Collapse At The Indiana State Fair 84
Fire Incident 88
Injured Person(s) 89
Bomb Threat 90
Terrorist Attack 91
Structural Collapse 92
Bad Weather 93
How To Deal With Deadly Lightning 94
Show Hazards 96
Show Stop Procedure 98
How To Write A Risk Assessment 100
Risk MatrixThe risk level is calculated by multiplying Probability with Severity. 102
Wind Action Plan 103
Prepared Announcements 104
Online Resources 106
The End
About the Author 108
Legal Notices 109

Get your free copy by sending me a mail with your answers to these 2 questions:

  1. Tell me if you miss anything.
  2. Which topics interest you the most.

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