Test Your Knowledge Of Event Safety

Test your basic event safety knowledge. You are only allowed 5 minutes so don't go googling answers...and you'll receive your score by email. You'll also receive a certificate for taking part.
Those that score the highest will be in the race to win one of 10 Event Planner's Safety Packs. It has dozens of Checklists, „fill in the blank“ templates and cheat sheets and more to make your job even easier… and much, much faster!

So put on your thinking caps and have fun!

What does PPE mean?
Who must supply PPE?

Which components have to be present to start a fire?
What is so dangerous about show lasers?
Which fire extinguisher should be used for electrical fires?
Why should I avoid waste buildup on my event site?
When do I need a staff member trained in first aid on my event site.
What license does the driver of a cherry picker need?
What is a risk assessment?
What is the main reason for a fire breaking out?

Thanks for taking the quiz.
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