Your basic event health and safety knowledge is assessed by answering these 20 questions.
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- Unanswered questions count as wrong answers.
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What is a risk assessment?


What license does the driver of a cherry picker need?

3) What does not belong in a site induction?
4) What hazards exist when using a CO2 extinguisher?
5) On a drawing, you see 1:200. What does this mean?

Which fire extinguisher should be used for electrical fires?

7) What are circuit breakers for?

Is an email sent to yourself a document to be used as evidence?

9) What is the maximum height to base ratio of a scaffold?
10) When do you have the highest dynamic loads in a rig?
11) What kind of force is a dynamic load?
12) How do you know a fire extinguisher is usable?
13) What is "lock out tag out"?
14) Which document is necessary when a temporary structure is completed?
15) What are RCD’s or ELCB’s for?
16) Can fire retardant molton be washed?

Why should you avoid waste buildup on your event site?

18) When leaning a ladder against a wall, what ratio must be applied?
19) Which 3 conditions are necessary to start a fire?
20) Are knots allowed in wire ropes?

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