Quiz Lecture 1

Welcome to your Test Stop Hazards Threatening Your Event

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Which components have to be present to start a fire?
What is the number one fire hazard at an event?
What is the main cause for deaths at fire incidents?
Can I wash fire retardant materials?
Which materials are inherently, meaning permanently fire retardant?
What should you ask yourself before you fight a fire?
What kind of extinguisher is the best all-round extinguisher?
How many 6kg powder fire extinguishers are necessary per 100 square meters?
True or false? Only competent electricians are allowed to install electrical power supplies.
What does a circuit breaker prevent?
What is an RCD (residual current device) or ELCB (earth leak circuit breaker) for?
Why should cables be properly rated?
Which are the four main factors that influence structural safety?
What must you make sure of when using lasers?
Why can color powder ignite?
Will a short, loud burst of music hurt me or my audience?