Oman Airport Event Manager Assessment

Welcome to your Oman Airport Event Manager Assessment

This assessment is intended to assess your current level of event management skills. The results are only used to improve course content and delivery.

Your knowledge of event-specific skills is assessed by answering the following 20 questions.
At the end of the assessment, you will receive feedback on how well you did.
In addition, an email with the results will be sent directly to you.


    • There is only one correct answer per question.
    • Choose the answer that is most important to you.
    • You're only allowed 10 minutes (timer is to the right on your screen).
    • Once you've selected an answer, it cannot be changed.
    • You must answer all questions.
    • When you're finished, please type in your name and email and click submit to see your results.
    • Should you encounter any problems, send me an email at the email address you'll receive with your results.

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