How To Run A Profitable Event Venue

Dear  Friend,
have you ever heard someone saying "a conference center can never be profitable"? I'm here to show you that's not true! Read on to find out why...

Knowing EXACTLY what your customer wants
is the first step to YOU coming up with the ideas...
...that create the most amazing venue experience for them.

These are the daily dilemmas hotel and convention center operators face...
...and as you read on, you’ll find out how to solve them:

  • not having the vital infrastructure that makes the client happy (and is a major source of revenue),
  • keeping the venue attractive to clients (without having the money to do so),
  • controlling operating costs without compromising quality of service,
  • dealing with complaints from clients because the sales team didn't ask the right questions to satisfy their needs,
  • needing more personnel (than necessary) because the venue wasn’t designed for minimal personnel use,
  • battling with logistics that do not allow fast setup and teardown (thereby being able to rent out the venue faster and more often),
  • fighting rising energy costs because building technology is not used in an optimized way.

Here's how we have helped make event venues profitable and successful...

  • We carry out a site inspection and identify areas of improvement in your venue.
  • A plan is set up according to your needs and the areas we discovered that need improvement.
  • We reach a mutual agreement on terms and consulting fees with you.

During the evaluation phase, we evaluate the following:

  • Placement and qualification of your personnel.
  • Evaluation of available infrastructure.
  • Assessment of your energy use and costs.
  • Structure and amount of events you are currently hosting.

A strategic improvement plan is created that can contain the following:

  • Suggested improvements in management as well as individual improvement.
  • We develop new ideas with your people for staging events within your existing infrastructure.
  • Develop an improvement plan of the existing infrastructure.
  • Come up with creative ways to monetize available space that’s not being used in your venue.

Depending on which areas you decide to be improved on first, we accompany you during your improvement phase by:

  • Implementing a customized training program,
  • Assisting your HR department in recruiting new personnel,
  • Assisting your operational departments in tendering and selecting new equipment.

At last we show you how you monitor your progress in continually improving your operations.

The Perfect Solution...

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone sitting next to you, who knows exactly what their needs are? Someone who has experience in satisfying the end customers needs… and someone who knows how to design a meeting room within a given budget.

Here’s the thing. Experienced, qualified and affordable Consultants aren’t easy to come by. You’ll probably have to pay dearly to get them to come from Europe, America or Australia… if they are willing (or even available) at all.

Or, you try high profile consultancy firms with the big names (that frankly haven’t got a clue how to run an event venue) and hope they’ll be able to help you.

Well they’re not...

...and you know why? Because they never experienced first hand how an event venue like a hotel or convention center really works.

So why go through all that when you can have an experienced, qualified and affordable Consultant from Germany (now living in the UAE) who:

  • has over 30 years experience designing, building and operating meeting rooms ranging from high level board rooms to meeting rooms with a seating capacity up to 5000 people,
  • likes to be involved the people involved in daily operations to make sure the venue is an absolute success,
  • does not back down from a problem until it’s solved,
  • has immense experience in operating venues in the most cost effective way possible, always staying within given budget limits,
  • keeps on top of all the newest, emerging technologies in the event industry,
  • enjoys a bachelors degree in Event Technology as well as Management and Operations of Event Venues(Specialized in Stage/Studio),
  • has a keen eye for delivering solutions for problems (even when they are in the making),
  • combines the positive sides of being German such as being very precise and always being on time with the flexibility and creativity of Americans (because he grew up in New York).
  • has held business events for Fortune 500 companies, dignitaries from all over the world such as Bill Clinton and put artists on stage such as Robbie Williams.

But don’t just take my word for it… listen to what others have to say.

It is an absolute pleasure working with Bruno Marx. He did a fantastic job on preparing specifications for a 5 star hotel and convention center. His great attention to every detail and making sure that only the most cost effective solutions were introduced into the design made the owner extremely happy. We will absolutely continue working with Bruno in the future.

Christopher Rörig, CEO, Bevenue

We worked with Bruno Marx on every aspect of staging events at Cologne Bonn Airport. Bruno provided us with extremely valuable advice on planning the individual event venues which were built parallel to daily airport operations. His great attention to every minute detail and making sure that only the most cost effective solutions were introduced into the design, made the events extremely successful. We will definitely continue working with Bruno in the future.

Stefan Merkens, head of real estate marketing, Cologne Bonn Airport

How much will I cost you?

As the saying goes "it depends". We have to get together in order for me to give you the best quote I can. Rest assured, that all costs will be included. I always hated it, when someone gave me their first price and then as time went on started trying to charge more and more. I will let you know if the project needs more of my attention and you can decide.
You'll get "Quality Made In Germany" (but living here in the UAE) that, from the moment you put down the phone, who can be anywhere in the time it takes to drive from Ras Al Khaimah to Abu Dhabi.
And you don’t even have to waste time taking care of any visa requirements, work permits and all that. Imagine all the time and money that saves you.
You  pay only for the time you need me...
…and no, I won’t tell you how much you will invest (at least not now). Because that’s something we will discuss when we meet and WE KNOW we’re the right fit. Long term relationships are more important to me than short term profits.

So what do I cost you in the end?
Possibly nothing.
And you know why?
Because I've saved you more than what you invested in me in saved time and effort.

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