Event Health & Safety Training

Created Specifically For Event Professionals

Hi, my name is Bruno Marx and I’ve created this course specifically for the events industry. It’s based on real world examples at events that I’ve covered for more than 30 years as an Event Health and Safety Advisor.

I do a lot of live trainings for Event Professionals and now you can have the same experience in an online course.

I know how hard it is for event professionals to find time for their personal development. There’s always the next event coming up and you just don’t have the time to sit in a training course the whole day.

Now YOU can get YOUR training
when YOU have the time!

You can stop, start and repeat at any time and get the full benefit at your own convenience.

This course teaches you that Fire Hazards aren’t the only hazards you should be concerned about…

…there are other major hazards you have to deal with like electrocution or tent collapses and many more.

Read on to find out how you can protect yourself from experiencing a major catastrophe at your next event.

Event professionals that can afford it will always have an Event Safety Advisor at their side when on site. The Safety Advisor will watch your back and protect you from experiencing an event shutdown due to safety reasons and harmful litigation if someone gets hurt at your event.

That's why event professionals ask me to be their Safety Guy!

This course will make sure you’ll be able to spot those hazards before someone gets hurt.


You’ll know how to make sure that:

  • Your structures like tents, stages or LED walls are built in a safe way.
  • Nobody gets electrocuted at your event.
  • No one comes to harm from pyrotechnics, show lasers or drones.

My course on identifying event hazards will show you everything you need to know about keeping your event safe.

This course is based on my personal event safety trainings that I do for Event Management Companies worldwide.

And here’s what your colleagues say about my courses…

“A great training experience with real life examples – an eye-opening must for every event professional!”

Dominique Zawisza Edelman Dabo

My Project Managers gave glowing reports about the training. Well done – much more to come I’m sure!

Adrian Bell Action Impact

Finally, a trainer that actually has experience

Richard Scott Eclipse

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Over 6 hours of video and content that shows you exactly how to setup an event in the safest way possible.
  • Short instructional videos that show you how you can instantly see if a fire extinguisher is still usable or what a „Widow Maker“ is and how you can detect it.
  • Quiz questions to test yourself on what you’ve learned.
  • A personalized certificate that proves to your client or your boss that you’ve learned how to keep your events safe.

When you sign up today you’ll also get my Event Safety Pack which has dozens of PDF checklists, „fill in the blank“ templates to make your job even easier… and much much faster!

It includes my collection of event signage, you know... the signs we’re always looking for when we’re on site.

The Event Safety Pack sells normally for $ 39.97, and you get it for free when you invest in the course.

How The Training Is Laid Out...

Part 1 Managing Responsibilities

Managing responsibilities is key to a successful event and I’ll show you how to make sure you have the right people in the right place doing the right job. 

Part 2 How to find a competent supplier

Every event is built using suppliers. Making sure they are competent, meaning they have the experience, qualification, responsibility and know their scope of work, leads to you and your client getting the highest quality for the money spent. It also gives you peace of mind because you have companies working for you that know what they are doing.

Part 3 The TOP Method

I will teach you my TOP method which stands for Technical, Organisational and Personal. This is a framework that guides you during your risk assessment process in finding the best solutions to reducing risk.

Part 4 How To Write A Risk Assessment

Writing risk assessments doesn't have to be a tedious job. I'll give you methods and templates that jump start your risk assessment process.


Part 5 Identifying Fire Hazards
Video: First training session

I’ll show you typical, real life situations where dangerous fires have occurred. And I’ll show you how to avoid these situations.

Video: Fire Retardancy Test 

Have ever had the problem where you didn’t know if the molten you’re using is fire retardant? In this video I show you how to test a material to see if it actually is fire retardant.

Video: How to extinguish a fire

Do you know which type of fire extinguisher you need for which type of fire? See examples of how to effectively use fire extinguishers.

Video: Fire Extinguisher Preparedness

Fire extinguishers are your first line of defence once a fire has started. But is that extinguisher you see hanging on the wall actually usable? Watch this video to see how you instantly recognize unusable fire extinguishers.

Part 6 Identifying And Eliminating Electrical Hazards
Video: Second training session

As electrical faults are the number one cause for event catastrophes, you’ll know what to look for after watching this video.

Video: How to spot a „Widowmaker“

A widowmaker is an electrical adapter used a lot by suppliers wanting to cut corners.  It is highly dangerous and hard to spot. This video shows you what to watch out for.

Part 7 Identifying And Eliminating Structural Hazards
Video: Third training session

I’ll show you some basic structural knowhow so that you know which questions to ask your suppliers and venues.

Spectacular stage collapses are something you don’t want to happen at your event. This video shows what to look for when temporary structures such as tents, stages and lighting rigs are built.

Part 8 Special Effects Hazards And How To Deal With Them
Video: Fourth training session

We all love to use lasers, fog and pyrotechnics to enhance our events. This has to be done in a safe way. This video shows you how to choose a competent Special Effects Supplier and what to watch out for.

Verifying your knowledge

At the end of each video, there’s a short quiz to test your knowledge. You can also download forms and templates in each module.


Once you’ve gone through all the material, you take a final assessment (that I also use in my live trainings) to earn a certification that proves you have competency in event safety. I am able to supply this certification as a board certified examiner for the German Chamber Of Commerce event industry vocational training program.

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