Keep Your Exhibition and Conference Space Clean, Please!

I visited a trade show the other day and frankly I was amazed at how the floorspace looked. In front it was all razzly dazzly. The exhibitors took great care in keeping their exhibition space absolutely immaculate. Then I had to go to the mens room. The entrance was hidden behind a partition. It was quite hard to find. But then I went through the space provided in the partition and what was I confronted with? A large empty space filled with garbage, building materials and workers taking their break. I had time to take in the scene as it was quite a way to the mens room. To say it was appalling is an understatement. And I have experienced this in more places than one. Be it in America, Europe or the Middle East it seems this is a worldwide problem. Not only is it a problem in exhibition centers but also in convention centers and hotels. Why does it seem like nobody cares?


Who is responsible for this you might ask? Well let‘s see. There is the worker that might be responsible. I don‘t know. There is definitely the floor manager from the exhibition center whome I would think can be held responsible. Come on guys. Nobody can tell me it‘s too expensive to keep this part of the exhibition floor clean. Not even to mention the health and fire hazards it presents. There are a few simple things that can be done:

  1. The floor manager, hall manager or who ever is in charge should inspect the exhibition space at least twice a day. And please don‘t tell me there is no time for this. If you want to keep your customers and visitors happy you will find the time.
  2. The workers responsible for keeping the place clean should be encouraged to do so on their own. That means they have to know exactly what to do. So training is very important. If they are not capable of understanding simple instructions, give them pictures of how the place should look.
  3. Have somebody not on your staff inspect your venue that knows what the customer expects to see. This way you get an outside view. Everybody that works in a venue gets blind spots over time and therefore will not be able to see things that a customer will see and will not like. As an outcome of this inspection you can generate a checklist of things to look for before, during and after the event.
  4. As a floor manager have a check list at hand to make sure you have taken care of everything before the event starts. Remember to do this every day of the event. I always see the quality of the venue deteriorate towards the end of a multiple day event.


By implementing even just one of the above suggestions you will greatly improve  customer and visitor satisfaction. And that will generate more revenue for your location.

I promise.

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