7 Common Mistakes When Preparing A Risk Assessment...

...and how to avoid them

Dear  Friend,
You want to minimize danger to the lives of your participants, staff and…prevent the  your property from damage.
Preparing a risk assessment is the most important step to minimizing and managing the potential risks to the lives of your participants and the damaging of your property during your event.
Once you’ve prepared your risk assessment, you create your Health and Safety plan. It helps you and your event organization identify and minimize the potential risks in a structured way...

…and it keeps YOU out of jail!

Here are the 7 common mistakes made when preparing a risk assessment:

  • Not knowing what the risks are and how they effect your participants and staff.
  • Not knowing the answers to questions from authorities.
  • Just copying and pasting old risk assessments.
  • Thinking „my event is so small I’ll get by without a risk assessment“.
  • Relying on the venue and their risk assessment (guess what, they don’t have one either).
  • Not having the risk assessment on the event site.
  • Just doing the risk assessment once and not adapting it to changed circumstances.

Minimizing the risks
during your event isn’t that hard!

Let’s have a look at how event planners and venue operators can get the job done:

  • You can do it yourself by developing your own risk assessment and health and safety plan… (this is extremely time consuming!)
  • Use a ready made template that guides you through the process… (which is not very accurate and you’ll miss something important!)
  • Have a certified independent health and safety expert do it for you…(the most secure and effective way)

We make the process easy by following proven and accepted methods that adhere to international guidelines set up by such organizations as NEBOSH, OSHA and the German igvw (Standards of Quality).

  • Together, we first determine scope and goals of your H&S Plan during a free first consultation.
  • After agreeing on consultation fees and being mandated by you, we begin with a risk assessment.

Creating your Risk Assessment

  • All areas where harm can be encountered by visitors or staff are assessed.
  • These risks are classified in their probability and the degree of damage that can be done.
  • A risk assessment is issued that describes the identified risks and their control measures (and is easy for you to understand). This also fulfills your legal need for documentation.

We start reducing your risks

  • Following the T.O.P. (technical, organizational, personal) principle we develop ways to reduce each identified risk.

You get your results in a comprehensive H&S Plan in form of a handbook that contains such instruments as:

  • emergency procedures for different types of emergencies such as bomb scares, fire and structural defects,
  • easy to use tables to determine the amount of security, first aid and firefighting personnel needed,
  • pre-scripted alarm texts for loudspeaker announcements,
  • information leaflets for exhibitors, caterers and vendors informing them of their responsibilities,
  • instruction cards for temporary personnel on how to react in an emergency,
  • and many more instruments according to your needs.

Key personnel is trained how to use the H&S Handbook in order to ensure it’s usefulness.

  • This is accomplished onsite in specially structured training sessions.
  • Mock emergencies are staged to make sure all procedures are clear and well trained.
  • Your H&S Plan is reviewed regularly (once a year and after major changes to the venue) to ensure it’s effectiveness.

Safe Work Method Statements ensure that your people know how to work safely and thereby reduce your risk of having someone injured. You also comply with health and safety regulations.

  • according to the identified risks, method statements are written for different potentially dangerous work procedures.
  • The method statements are then introduced to your people in short trainings. This ensures they understand how and why they need to adhere to these method statements.
  • A yearly review (sooner if work procedures have changed) is undertaken to ensure effectiveness of the method statements.

The Perfect Solution

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone sitting next to you who knows exactly what your needs are when preparing all the necessary documents for a health and safety plan?
Someone who has experience in identifying and minimizing the risks and dangers involved in staging events.
Someone who knows how to minimize or eliminate potential risks before they even become a danger to life or property!
Someone who knows how tight event budgets are and finds solutions that don’t cost a ton of money.

Here’s the thing. Experienced, qualified and affordable experts aren’t easy to come by in this region. You’ll probably have to pay dearly to get them to come here from Europe, America or Australia… if they are willing (or even available) at all.
Or, you go to those „construction site“ health and safety experts (that frankly haven’t got a clue about how an event takes place) and think they’ll be able to help you.

Well they can’t…

…and you know why? Because they have never experienced first hand how an event or event venue really works. What’s even worse is they’ll suggest solutions that not only are expensive, but will also kill the creativity of an event.
So why go through all that when you can have an experienced, qualified and affordable Health and Safety Expert from Germany (now living in the UAE) who:

  • has over 30 years experience designing, building and operating event venues ranging from high level board rooms to football stadiums with a seating capacity up to 56.000 people,
  • who has held events for Fortune 500 companies, dignitaries from all over the world such as Bill Clinton, artists like Robbie Williams… …and staged the largest event in Germany, the Eurovision Song Contest with over 30 million television viewers,
  • is able to evaluate the entire event setup to make sure all participants and personnel are in a safe environment all the time,
  • has a bachelors degree in Event Technology as well as Management and Operations of Event Venues(Specialized in Stage/Studio),
  • has the communication skills required to talk to high profile clients (and even low profile workers), in order to get things done,
  • likes to be involved right at the beginning of the planning process to make sure the event is an absolute success,
  • will not back down from a problem until it’s solved,
  • has immense experience in getting the job done in the most cost effective way possible,
  • has worked with the most demanding „safety-concious“ people (like royal guards and civil defense fireman) and alleviated their concerns,
  • has a keen eye for delivering solutions for problems (even when they are in the making),
  • combines the positive sides of being German such as being very precise and always being on time with the flexibility and creativity of Americans (because he grew up in New York).

But don’t just take my word for it… listen to what others have to say.

Developing a Health and Safety Plan For The Congress Center Hamburg

„Bruno did an exceptional job in developing an all encompassing H&S Plan for Congress Center Hamburg which has a capacity of well over 10.000 people.
He developed an all embracing safety concept tailored to our needs while complying to legal requirements.
This included everything from easy to use templates for risk assessments, first response procedures, contingency plans, to defining the roles and responsibilities of personnel during an emergency.
After this great experience, we look forward to working with Bruno again in the future.“

Hartmut Hofmann, Technical Director Congress Center Hamburg, Congress Center Hamburg

Collaboration with the German law firm of Volker Löhr on creating Health and Safety Plans for The Waldbühne Berlin and Olympiapark Berlin.

„Bruno and I developed several H&S Plans for the Waldbühne Berlin, an open air venue with a capacity of over 22.000 people, as well as for other sporting locations in the Olympiapark Berlin.
These plans encompassed developing legally and FIFA compliant first response procedures to contingency plans, easy to use templates for risk assessments to defining the roles and responsibilities of personnel during an emergency.
It was a pleasure working together with Bruno on these projects and we will definitely work together again in the future.“

Volker Loehr, Lawyer for the German Football Association, DFB, Kanzlei Loehr

Creating safety concepts for events at Cologne Bonn Airport

„We worked with Bruno Marx on every aspect of safely staging events at Cologne Bonn Airport. Bruno provided us with extremely valuable advice on planning the individual events which were held parallel to daily airport operations. Our main focus is on the safe operation of the Airport at all times. Bruno worked closely with our fire department and head of security paying great attention to every minute detail. He made sure that only the most cost effective solutions were introduced into the design of the events. We will definitely continue working with Bruno in the future.“

Lars Drewes, Fire Chief at Cologne Bonn Airport , Cologne Bonn Airport

How much will I cost you?

As the saying goes "it depends". We have to get together in order for me to give you the best quote I can. Rest assured, that all costs will be included. I always hated it, when someone gave me their first price and then as time went on started trying to charge more and more. I will let you know if the project needs more of my attention and you can decide.
You'll get "Quality Made In Germany" (but living here in the UAE) that, from the moment you put down the phone, can be anywhere in the time it takes to drive from Ras Al Khaimah to Abu Dhabi.
And you don’t even have to waste time taking care of any visa requirements, work permits and all that. Imagine all the time and money that saves you.
You pay only for the time you need me...
…and no, I won’t tell you how much you will invest (at least not now). Because that’s something we will discuss when we meet and WE KNOW we’re the right fit. Long term relationships are more important to me than short term profits.

So what do I cost you in the end?
Possibly nothing.
And you know why?
Because I've saved you more than what you invested in me in damages, saved time and effort.

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