How Many Entry Lanes Do You Need?

There’s a simple way to calculate the amount of lanes you need for a given amount of visitors. Here’s how…

The above diagram illustrates how much time you need for security searches at a venue entrance. The numbers show approximately how many visitors can be searched per minute.

Just divide the amount of visitors you are expecting to calculate how many search lanes you’ll need for a given time period.

Please note, this is only for searches done by hand.


Expected amount of visitors: 2000

Given time period for entry: 60 minutes

People without bags: 2000 divided by 10 divided by 60 = 3.33 => ca. 4 lanes

People of mixed age: 2000760 = 4.76 => ca. 5 lanes

People with bags: 2000460 = 8,33 => ca. 9 lanes

For searches including hand wanding, subtract 2 persons per minute. For searches involving baggage scanners subtract 3 persons per minute.

Let me know how this works out for you by commenting below.