Read this only if you have high profile events and clients…

Avoid these pitfalls when looking for an on-site Health and Safety Professional

Find the best Event Health and Safety Professional that gives you piece of mind and
keeps your event as safe as possible.

Dear Friend,
on’t you just get angry at those unqualified, plainly stupid people who come to you (their English is so bad, you can’t even understand what in the world they’re saying) telling you they are a certified Health and Safety Professional?

If you want to avoid suffering through that, then read on…

Here’s the thing. Experienced, qualified and affordable Health and Safety Professionals aren’t easy to come by in this region. You’ll probably have to pay dearly to get them to come here from Europe, America or Australia… if they are willing (or even available) at all. And still you go through all that because your events are high profile, world class, no nonsense events for extremely important, safety concious clients.

… because you want to avoid major catastrophes like…

  • …having your client explode during setup because of an incompetent idiot,
  • …seeing your budget fall to pieces before your eyes because something was „forgotten“,
  • …someone getting injured or even killed during your event… and you being thrown in jail because you didn’t have qualified personnel taking care of event safety.
  • ...having to deal with the authorities yourself because your Health and Safety Guy doesn't have a clue.

So why go through all that when you can have an experienced, qualified and affordableHealth and Safety Professional from Germany who:

  • has over 30 years hard core experience in staging events, so he knows what it takes to stage high profile events,
  • has the skills required to communicate with high profile clients and low profile workers, in order to get things done,
  • can deal with authorities because he knows what they want,
  • will not back down from a problem until it’s solved,
  • has immense experience in getting the job done in the most cost effective way possible and always staying within given budget limits,
  • has the necessary degree of „Bachelor Professional (CCI) of Event Technology Management and Operations (Specialized in Stage/Studio)“ which in German is a „Meister Für Veranstaltungstechnik, (Fachrichtung Bühne/Studio)“,
  • is a certified Electrician, so he can ensure that no one has a „shocking“experience,
  • is always on time (isn’t that so German?),
  • can dress black tie or inconspicuously, as required,
  • has a keen eye for delivering solutions for problems (even when they are in the making),
  • has just a slight New York slang, having lived there for over 10 years,
  • has experienced many „critical“ situations and has learned to „stay cool“ and just solve the damned problem,
  • is willing to get his hands dirty to do what ever it takes to make the show go on,
  • is able to evaluate the entire event setup to make sure all attendees and personnel are in a safe environment all the time.
  • was responsible for the largest events in the Middle East such as the Mother of the Nation Festival 2016,

But don’t just take my word for it… listen to what others have to say.

We have the great pleasure of working with Bruno Marx as a Health and Safety Officer during the immensely popular Judo and Jiu Jitsu Events in our IPIC Arena in Abu Dhabi. Bruno made sure that all safety aspects during all phases of our events are were well taken care of, such as:
- making sure all pre-event technical specifications are met, like verifying the submitted rigging plots,
- supervising compliance to all event related health and safety issues,
monitoring crowd safety during events.

Bruno works very closely with our team from the build, during the event to teardown to make the events  successful. All events went smoothly without a hitch thanks to Bruno solving all problems that came up along the way.

We gladly look forward to working together with Bruno again on our future events.“

…you can call Rainer if you want. He’ll be glad to confirm the above.

Rainer Schüler, General Manager, IPIC Arena, Abu Dhabi

„ We worked with Bruno Marx on many aspects of staging events at Cologne Bonn Airport. Bruno provided us with highly valuable advice on event safety and planning the individual events which were staged parallel to daily airport operations. His attention to details and making sure that cost effective solutions were introduced into the event design, made the events successful. We will continue working with Bruno in the future.“

Stefan Merkens, Marketing Director, Cologne Bonn Airport

Now, I know what your thinking this guy ain’t Cheap…

…and if you have high profile events and clients, (and I know you do) then you can’t afford to skimp on the key people running your event can you? Your client will call YOU, should anything major go wrong that can’t be solved by the people you have on site…
...and he can smell incompetency a mile away and will have your hide for it.

Plus you get quality made in Germany (but living here in the UAE) who, from the moment you put down the phone, can be anywhere in the time it takes to drive from Ras Al Khaimah to Abu Dhabi (yeah I know, Sharjah is a nightmare).
And you don’t even have to waste time taking care of any visa requirements, work permits and all that. Imagine all the time and money that saves you.

You only pay for the time you need me. That’s a whole lot cheaper than a permanent employee whom you have to provide housing, health insurance and whatnot for…
…and no, I won’t tell you how much you will invest in me (at least not now). Because that’s something we will discuss when we meet and WE KNOW we’re the right fit. Long term relationships are more important to me than short term profits.

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