Stop Those Drapes From Burning Down

Follow these 5 simple steps to make sure your curtain is fire retardant. Cut or rip off a small piece of the fabric. Take it outside where nothing else can catch fire. Hold a lighter to the fabric. Apply the flame for 5 seconds. Take the flame away. If the fabric stops burning on its…

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A Simple Template That Keeps Tents From Blowing Away

A half Built Tent gets blown away in a storm

It’s called a Certificate of Completion A Certificate of Completion is a letter which a supplier of a structure, electrical installment or any other installment gives to the client. It states that the structure  or installment is safe to use and any restrictions on use. But there’s a lot more that is equally important… Why…

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Outdoor Event Builds Site Health and Safety

Use this checklist to make sure your outdoor event build goes smoothly without anyone getting hurt. Outdoor Site Daily Safety Checklist

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How To Deal With Deadly Lightning During An Event

Save lives by including these 7 steps to lightning safety at your next event.

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Pocket Guide To Surviving An Active Shooter Situation

Active Shooter Symbol

I’ve created a credit card sized pocket guide as a PDF. Keep this in your wallet/purse in the event you and your staff have to deal with an Active Shooter situation. Please feel free to download it by clicking on the image and use it for your events. Follow these guidelines to keep your event…

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